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Seasonal Offer - BIOKAITRA MULTI

BIOKAITRA MULTI - Steel solid fuel boilers Solid fuel boilers are an economical heating method when there is no possibility to use other heating methods, such as gas. It can also be an alternative to other heating methods, depending on fuel price fluctuations. This is your second boiler. Biokaitra MULTI solid fuel boilers are boilers with manual fuel loading, whose construction is based on a heat exchanger with horizontal convection channels, known as "water ribbons." This design allows the boiler to achieve maximum efficiency with compact dimensions. Heat-resistant steel is used for the production of the heat exchanger. Fuel options include wood, coal briquettes, peat, or fuel mixtures. Automatic regulation of the combustion process with a mechanical draft regulator allows achieving slow fuel burning – up to 12 hours.

Boilers available - 12 kW, 16 kW, 20 kW. Special prices are valid in stores in your city, and you can also get a personal discount by contacting us.